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This is the support page of Paroles, an iTunes lyrics viewer for the Mac.

Privacy Policy

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Paroles does not collect any user data, everything stays on device.


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Paroles only displays 'No Lyrics' whatever track is playing in iTunes

Paroles only displays lyrics embedded in the iTunes track. To embed lyrics into a track, you have to do it manually in iTunes, or use a third-party lyrics fetcher.

To add lyrics to iTunes see for instance this MacWorld article.

At this time, Paroles cannot display lyrics provided by Apple Music.

Known Issues

None at the moment.

User Requests

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None at the moment.


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None at the moment.

Version History

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1.1 (09/03/16)

Ability to change font, text and background color. Zooming in and out when in full screen.

1.0 (04/10/15)

First release.


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Source code for this project is hosted by Bitbucket.


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If you have a question, bug report, or feature request, please send a mail at the following address:

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