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This is the support page of Mental, a concept mapping app for the iPad.

Mental Demo

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This is a two-year old video, check the app online help and the FAQ below for up-to-date information on Mental features.


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I selected all items in a map but no command copy is available. Is it possible to import in another way a map into another?

You cannot currently copy items from a map to another map. What you can do however is duplicate a map:

  1. Tap the Maps button in the top left corner of the interface : the Maps pane appears, that shows you a list of the maps saved on your iPad.
  2. Tap Edit in the top left corner of the Maps pane: the Maps pane is now in edition mode, you are able to delete or duplicate your maps.
  3. Tap the row representing the map you want to duplicate: it becomes visibly selected. Now tap the + button in the bottom right corner of the Maps pane: a copy of your selected map appears in the map list.
  4. Tap Done to exit edition mode. You can now work on the copy of your original map. To rename it, tap its title.

What is the proper way to use Mental?

Mental is a concept mapping tool.

As such, it supports a "Concept First" workflow, where the user first creates concept boxes, and then connects them with the appropriate relationships.

When exporting a native Mental file some apps are shown as compatible, yet they won't open my Mental file. How is that possible ?

Only Mental can open Mental files in the strict sense of the term. Apps such as Evernote or Dropbox can open them in the sense of saving them to the cloud (Dropbox has the added benefit of allowing collaboration through shared folders). Apps such as GoodReader, Buzz Player are listed as compatible but don't do anything worthwhile with them. Just stick with the ones that work, for the time being.

When I reimport into Mental a map previously saved to Evernote, why does it show up with a weird long name ?

This weirdness is due to Evernote itself: reimporting a map from Dropbox for instance, shows a regular name. You will have to change the map name by clicking its title when open.

What are Mental's Terms of Use or End User License Agreement?

The End User License Agreement for Mental is the standard End User License Agreement for App Store apps:

Will there be an Android version of Mental?


Known Bugs

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Mental 1.4.0

App crash in case of cascading deletions.

Fixed in Mental 1.4.1

Mental 1.3.2

Email buttons white on white in iOS 7/8

Fixed in Mental 1.4.0

Printing crashes Mental in iOS 8.0

Fixed in iOS 8.1

Web link editing broken in iOS 8 (disappearing keyboard).

Fixed in Mental 1.4.0

Email window does not close in iOS 8

Fixed in Mental 1.4.0.

Sometimes a map is not saved properly before exporting

Fixed in Mental 1.4.0.

User Requests

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FeatureUser requestsStatus
Ability to add a title to the map1Not Evaluated
Ability to add comment shapes with dashed or dotted connectors (as in UML comments)1Not Evaluated
Ability to add pictures to text boxes2Not Evaluated
Ability to add Web links to text boxes2Implemented in 1.3
Ability to change the font size and attributes (bold, italic) of individual boxes4Implemented in 1.4
Ability to select several boxes to drag them as a group3Implemented in 1.2
Ability to set color of individual boxes6Implemented in 1.4
Ability to set color of individual links1Implemented in 1.4
Aid or guide to align boxes on the map1Implemented in 1.2
Automated map layout2Not Evaluated
Export to RDF1Not Evaluated
Export to SVG1Rejected
Import/export to OPML1Rejected
Import/export with CMapTools5Not Evaluated
Import/export with VUE3Not Evaluated
Option to have no label for connections3Implemented in 1.3
Option to add a concept without having to reach for the Add button1Implemented in 1.3
Option to remove automatic capitalization in the text of concepts1Implemented in 1.3
Other map-wide box shapes1Approved
Other map-wide color schemes2Implemented in 1.3.1
Other map-wide links styles: arrows or lines, bold or normal1Approved
Other map-wide links styles: curved instead of straight1Not Evaluated
Print option1Implemented in 1.3
Undo/redo capability5Approved


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1.4.2 (late 2015)

This version will enable split screen multitasking for iOS 9 users.

Version History

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1.4.1 (1/10/15)

Fixed crash when cascading deletions.

1.4.0 (12/30/14)

This version brings iOS 7-8 users the ability to customize colors and fonts for individual boxes and links:

1.3.2 (04/29/14)

This will be the last version available to iOS 5/6 users.

1.3.1 (02/27/14)

1.3.0 (01/27/14)

1.2.0 (11/07/13)

1.1.1 (11/26/12)

1.1 (11/12/12)

1.0.1 (09/30/12)

1.0 (09/07/12)

First release.


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Source code for this project is hosted by Bitbucket; bug tracking is hosted by Hosted Redmine.


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If you have a question, bug report, or feature request, please send a mail at the following address:

You can also follow us on twitter @SupportMental.

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